About Spendrup Fan Co.

John Spendrup started building fans for uranium and rock mines in the late 60’s. Spendrup quickly expanded our line of fans to direct, belt or shaft-driven designs for all extreme operating conditions. In 1994, Trent Spendrup purchased the company from his father John, the founder of Spendrup Fan Co. Today, thousands of Spendrup Fans are used in mines throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, the Middle East and Australia. Spendrup Fans are being used for tunneling, power generation, processing plants and other heavy industrial fields. 50 years of quality and experience ensure you get the best fan available for any tough condition imaginable.


It is our mission to manufacture quality products and recognize our employees as our most valuable asset. Through teamwork with our customers we continually improve our products, productivity and profitability.

Spendrup Fan Company’s mission is to manufacture quality ventilation equipment for each customer’s application. We provide a dependable product engineered for safety and reliability.

We recognize our employees as our most valuable asset; we provide good jobs and a safe, comfortable work environment.

We treat our customers, employees and vendors with respect.

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